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About This Miniature....

A colander perched on its head, making it blind as a bat, Lokher Brickrock Miniature from We Print Miniatures is doing its best to look professional, and unfortunately failing every time. However, your rivals will be laughing so much that they miss the vital points in the game, so Lokher Brickrock isn't all bad news. The truth is that he thought he was putting on his helmet, and only discovered the mishap when chef asked what he'd done with the colander.

This miniature is provided in 32mm scale from We Print Miniatures, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.

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Designed by: Papsikels



We know how important it is to have your minis looking the part in your collection. Like many BIG companies we measure from the base of the foot to the eyes on a human standing 6ft tall. Note that not all humans are alike and monsters may certainly be bigger than a human! Also don't forget the Halflings no one wants a 6ft Halfling...they would eat us out of house and home!

Customer Reviews

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Camz Price

There was a slight delay in my order but WPM communicated well via email to make me aware. I was only initially disappointed because I was so eager to have my sculpts. They bundled my two separate orders together so i received everything at once. The quality of miniatures are really satisfying, minimal attention required for removing small seams from the print process. The details are on point to macro scale. This particular sculpt will be my partners first mini to paint and what an introduction!

Ben Carter
Helljumpers order

The content on We print miniatures is vast and contains many awesome designs and miniatures from a range of designers, the pricing and deals offered were hard to resist and of great value, especially when discounted at a threshold, the transaction was transparent and an easy process, I also contacted customer service about information regarding my order (Genral inquiries about processing my order, and updates on the delivery), customer service and support was very friendly and helpful reassuring me that my order was in print and was slightly delayed due to a large influx of orders, however my order was delivered safely and in good quality, the miniatures are of great quality design and exactly as advertised, will definitely be ordering from them again! ❤️😊

A Rowe
Long time to obtain order, faulty item and rude customer service

I ordered two items on 15th June 2024 (Barry Mcguffin and Triumph skull hunter).
They didn't arrive within the specified delivery times so I reached out via Instagram (attached).
I was told that the Triumph skull hunter wasn't printing right and that the order would be sent out.
Fast forward to the end of June (two weeks after placing the order).
I stated that if the order wasn't obtained then I would be leaving a negative review.

I then received an abusive message back via Instagram (attached) that was completely uncalled-for and not professional at all.

My order eventually arrived on 2nd July 2024 (despite the 3-4 days delivery times on the site).
The triumph skull hunter had miss-printed (despite them stating that this was why they hadn't sent the order out on time).

I reached out to the company via their site stating that I wasn't happy with the model or the way I was spoken to (I attached the same attachments I have here).
I received a reply fairly quickly stating that they will provide a refund for the Triumph skull hunter (at the discounted rate as I used a voucher).
I was also given the excuse that I had been rude in my messages to them. I have attached as much of the conversation as I can. I'll let people make their own judgement.
Regardless of whether I did or not, this company clearly feels that responding to people the way they did is acceptable.

The miniatures themselves are a great design but the quality of the prints are so/so.

I won't be using this company again sadly as I found loads of miniatures on their site that looks awesome.

You threated to leave us a negative review because Royal Mail had not delivered your parcel when you demanded it. That's not our problem you were told we don't want customers like you and you were banned from ever shopping with us gain. That ban stands. Self entitled people with no patience are of no value to small businesses. You clear think being a self entitled jerk on Social Media gies you the right to threaten small busiensses, reflect on your behaviour!

Paul-James Winwood
Great looking miniatures

I ordered a few different miniatures and a couple of mystery box ones. The miniatures themselves are outstanding quality, the order took longer than expected due to high demand.
Unfortunately I was missing two miniatures from one of the mystery boxes, customer servives said they'd sort it out but still waiting. Overall a good service and high quality product.

Jeffrey Shin

Solid print, other than a few nubs not much to clean up.

Paul Mitchell

Great miniature. Some lovely detail on it. A pleasure to paint!

Beverly W

Sutch a fun mini. So much I had to get 2.

Glen Moore

Great. Mini in a larger scale.
Arrived well packaged.
Looking forward to painting him.