Squid Games Miniatures

Collection: Squid Games Miniatures

Step into the chilling arena of the Squid Games with our exclusive Squid Games Miniatures Collection. Every tense moment, each heart-pounding challenge, and the characters you loved (and loved to hate) are captured in exquisite detail, ready to recreate those nail-biting moments on your tabletop.

Here's what awaits inside:

  • Iconic player characters, donned in their green tracksuits, ready to face the challenges ahead.
  • The enigmatic Front Man and his masked subordinates, ever watchful, ever calculating.
  • Detailed miniatures of the haunting games - from the giant doll of "Red Light, Green Light" to the intricate tug-of-war setup.

Crafted with precision, each miniature embodies the suspense and high stakes of the show. Perfect for collectors, enthusiasts, or anyone looking to relive the thrill of the Squid Games in miniature form.

Dare to play? Dive into the Squid Games universe with our collection and let the games begin!