Skull Hunter Preadator Miniatures

Collection: Skull Hunter Preadator Miniatures

Pretty deadly, Skull Hunter Miniatures are the lowest of the low, another winner from Papsikels.

We Print Miniatures have some favourites in this collection, like Lanika Elite Vixen Skull Hunter Miniature, a wonderful choice for the keen painter as there is so much detail in the figure, from a shiny stave to a sparkling head dress.

Then there's the weirdo that is Scifi Yakuza Turso Yamadochi Miniature. He says he's on his way to a baseball math, but we think he might be lying. That club looks to be studded with nails.

Yakuza Science Fiction Miniature is another individual you wouldn't want to meet on a dark night. Grubby and in need of a bath it looks like it pongs to high heaven. Forgot that the punk era has been over for a century or two, needs a new wardrobe and a trip to the barber.

Pondering its next move is Yakusa Derto Yamaryu Miniature who has run out of soap and shampoo but has nicely polished shoes and reasonably smart pants. Likes to think it's the ideas factory but in reality has limited intelligence.