Orc Pirate Miniatures

Collection: Orc Pirate Miniatures

Ahoy there! Mutiny on the high seas with Orc Pirate Miniatures. Who will be next to walk the plank in these great models from We Print Miniatures?

Radford Griffin Goblin from Pirate Buccaneers has decided to plunder a few treasure chests. But is this one too many risks, for the pirate who loves a golden opportunity.

Looking a bit leisurely, Zigzag Wahl Goblin from Pirate Buccaneers is giving nothing away. Whatever is in that treasure chest is secret, for now.

Glamourpuss Tina Reks Orc Cheerleader 1 from Pirate Buccaneers has taken to the pitch to cheer the Pirate Buccaneers on. To her horror, one of the pom poms is decorating her head, making her look a little daft. But laugh if you dare because Tina doesn't like being made fun of, as you might find out if you giggle.

Stand by for a hero, it's Dexter Hayhurst Goblin from Pirate Buccaneers zooming in to save the day. Dexter is smartly dressed in an airman's suit and has his own ship's wheel ready take over the ship in a seaside mutiny.

Newcomb Nutlea Goblin from Pirate Buccaneers is pretty narked and struggling to keep its temper. That skull and crossbones on its belt should be a warning to anyone who thinks they can take advantage. Our advice is... DON'T!!!

A disgusting individual who needs little introduction, that's Remington Yulis Orc Thrower from Pirate Buccaneers. He doesn't like  being made fun off, so don't call him Stumpy, unless you want quick revenge. 

Corwin Ymo Orc Star Player from Pirate Buccaneers is very familiar with the deep and uses his octopus tentacles to good effect. Enjoys leading trips to see underworld wonders, be careful you're not lead down a dead end, with the emphasis being on "dead".

These Orc Pirate Miniatures are provided in 32mm scale and as originally designed by their creators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.