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Go Home Penguin your Barred

Percy the penguin loved nothing more than a good game of football. He had spent his entire life waddling around the Antarctic, dreaming of one day watching his favorite team play in person. And now, finally, that day had come.


As Percy made his way into the stadium, he couldn't contain his excitement. He was surrounded by thousands of cheering fans, all eagerly anticipating the start of the game. But Percy had a plan - he had brought with him a bag filled with all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs, hoping to make a quick profit by selling them to unsuspecting spectators.


Percy made his way through the crowds, peddling his wares to anyone who would listen. He sold hats and scarves, flags and banners, all emblazoned with the logo of his favorite team. But then, as he was reaching into his bag to grab another item, he accidentally pulled out something he shouldn't have - a shiny, silver watch that he had looted from a nearby jewelry store.


The unsuspecting spectator eagerly handed over his money, not realizing that he was buying stolen goods. But before Percy could make his escape, a sharp-eyed security guard had spotted him. The guard quickly made his way over to Percy and demanded to know what was in his bag.


Percy tried to play it cool, insisting that he was just a harmless penguin trying to make a few bucks. But the guard wasn't buying it. He searched through Percy's bag and found a whole host of stolen goods - watches, jewelry, even a few cell phones.


"You're out of here," the guard growled, grabbing Percy by the scruff of his neck and tossing him unceremoniously out of the stadium. Percy watched in dismay as the gates closed behind him, cutting him off from the game he had been so excited to see.


As he waddled away from the stadium, Percy couldn't help but feel a sense of shame. He had let his love of money and his desire for a quick profit cloud his judgement, and now he was paying the price. But he knew that he would have to learn from his mistakes and find a new way to make a living - one that didn't involve stealing from unsuspecting spectators.


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