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Sci-fi Santa Miniatures Christmas Special
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About This Miniature....

Ho-ho-hold onto your spaceships, fellow cosmic adventurers! The festive season in the galaxy has a new flavor this year. As the holiday lights start to twinkle across star systems and alien worlds, we're thrilled to introduce our most whimsical pack yet: the Sci-fi Santa Christmas Special!

Santa isn't just from the North Pole anymore; he's gone galactic. But not without his motley crew!

🌟 Santa Squat: The diminutive space miner who’s as sturdy as he is jovial. Don't be fooled by his size; he's got enough holiday spirit for a whole planet!

🚀 Santa Orc: Who said Orcs can’t celebrate? Santa Orc comes armed with festivity (and maybe a laser blaster or two for those who've been naughty).

👽 Gobbo: This little alien creature is always up for some mischief and merriment. He might sneak into your space stockings or hover around your intergalactic Christmas tree, so keep an eye out!

🎅 Stogie Santa: The suave Santa from the star next door. Rocking a stogie and a style that’s light years ahead, he’s here to ensure your cosmic Christmas is filled with fun.

Whether you're a fan of traditional fantasy or the vastness of sci-fi, this ensemble promises to be the most unique addition to your collection. Perfect for display, tabletop games, or gifting to that starry-eyed friend of yours, our Sci-fi Santa Christmas Special combines the joy of the festive season with the thrill of space adventures.

So, as you chart your course across the festive galaxy, don't forget to add these special characters to your cosmic sleigh. May your holidays be as vast and as bright as the universe!

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