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3 Science Fiction Miniatures Mystery Box

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Get our Science Fiction Miniatures Mystery Box through your door.  We will send you three randomly selected miniatures from our best-selling or brand new ranges. Every miniature will be something you will love or your money back. You will be billed the subscription amount of £9.95 + Postage each month. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great for inspiration

I have been really getting into miniatures agnostic sci fi games like Five Parsecs from Home, where you create characters and crews for your campaigns. These blind buy sets are fab for creating inspiration for characters. It can be really hard to think of what you want and then try to find it from the myriad miniatures ranges out there, but with a mystery box you have the ideas and inspiration right there. Price point is great too - so it is low risk investment to see what you get!

Andy Phillips
Mystery Scifi Goodness

Box came with 3 very well packed individually wrapped minis from a single sculpting house (Papsikels) all were very nicely printed and cleaned up with nothing to do but to glue them to a base before priming. They came with bases but I didmy own to fit in with my worlds. Ive had a few minis from now and not one of them has been bad in anyway.

Glen Moore

I will continue to buy from as long as they keep up the sterling work of the last two i recieved.
The scifi mystery box contained three awesome famale minis who I've had a great time painting.
It was on the strength of the great quality prints that gave me confidence to order a bigger single figure.
Can't wait to get my brushes on him .

Michael Maynard

Speedy turn around. The models look cool and would consider getting more as this was a purchase to give me something different to paint.

Shaun Scott
A nice collection

I like the variety you get these are especially good for RPGS, as all the different models can be useful recurring NPCs and things like that.

Plus they can be a fun one off mini to paint / practise.