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Get a Miniatures Mystery Box through your door every month with our subscription. Each month we will send you three randomly selected miniatures from our best selling or brand new ranges.

Every miniature will be something you will love or your money back. You will be billed the subscription amount of £9.95 + Postage each month. 

Subscriptions are dispatched in batches every two weeks so please don't be concerned if you have a short wait for your first box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Samuel Bower
Quality Selection

This is the second box i've ordered, both came with a nice variety of figures giving me a few very different projects to work on. I've only completed the sci-fi elf out of this one so far! Quality was good, there were a dozen small bits of support here and there but it cleaned up nicely. A few visible layer due to the printing method but great value for money.

Shane Evans
Amazing quality and proce

I was worried this was a scam at first. No way could you get three miniatures for under a tenner. The main suppliers I get my miniatures from are selling one for that price. Anyhow, I ordered and they turned up the next day, so fast as well as good.
So, here's the downside. The miniatures are fab. The only issue I had was that I had to change my painting style as the printed miniatures are a little more textured than cast ones. This causes paint to pool where you don't want it. So my advice is to use thinner coats and more of them. It took me a while to figure this out, mainly on the face of one of the miniatures.
I'm sold on these, and will be continuing with my subscription.

Callum Ross
I was sceptical... But!

I saw the advert for the box on Social media was sceptical but the reviews looked good. Received a fun mix of models with a great amount of detailing. Looking forward to getting to paint them.

Andy J
Fantastic value for money

I look forward to these boxes arriving every month!

I enjoy collecting the random dice, and not knowing what mini you're going to get really pushes your comfort zone. I've ended up painting models I'd never typically contemplate painting.

I don't see me cancelling my subscription any time soon! Great work team!

Leon-Paul Lynn
Big Value in a Little Box!

I got my mystery box through quickly in the post, and was pleasantly surprised. I must say that I was sceptical about ordering 3D-printed minis, because they can so often arrive in a horrendous state, but at the reduced price (~£10) I thought it was worth the plunge.

I'm very glad I did take the plunge, because I'm extremely impressed with the miniatures. The photo really doesn't do justice just how clean and crisp all the details are -- those are 32mm bases! Of course, there are small support remnants on some of the models, but absolutely no layer lines.

I'll definitely be ordering again to bolster my miniature collection for use in Core Space and Dungeons and Dragons.

Thank you!

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