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Loynor Black Cosmic Horror has a jewel adorned on a sword, wielded to wipe out its enemies. A merciless fantasy character, with flowing hair and a lavish cloak, Loynor is poised ready to tackle trouble. If that sword isn't frightening enough, there are vipers crawling by its feet and some sharp claws. Cast N Play 35mm scale supplied with a 32mm base.

    Essential Information

    • Miniature Scale: 35mm
    • Supplied with: 32mm plastic base
    • Created by: Cast N Play
    • Visit them on: Patreon

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Conrad Weller
    Ctozag's Key

    Great detail, clean print, lovely mini! I can even make out the writing on the scroll, the scroll is also the one area where I can see some faint print lines but paint should deal with those effectively. The biggest challenge is going to be figuring out how best to base him, lots of possibilities. Model shown with an alternative base.

    Gavin Jupp
    Wyett Werewolf

    Couldn't believe how beautiful this little mini is. Slightly bigger than I thought and sturdier too. Well worth the price and came with a base as well. Awesome model.

    Joseph Noon
    Wyett Werewolf

    This model is amazing. The model is very well printed and the detail is awesome. I would recommend this model to anyone. I am looking forward to painting him.

    Chris Collins

    Love this little treasure chest. It'll be perfect as an objective marker for games of frostgrave, and likely much more. Great quality, great service.

    Mark Baldock (cptdarling)
    Crystal Whitch

    This is a nicely sculpted figure with plenty of detail. The level of detail could be easily seen once painted. Check out the photos.

    Would I continue to buy more items.. yes I would!

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