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CrowEye Wasteland Bounty Hunters is well armed with a rifle and accessories including a gas mask which fits the crow's beak perfectly. This character is expecting trouble judging from the leafy camouflage and gas mask to make sure it stays safe. Massive shoulder pads and leg guards ensure CrowEye should appear unscathed if she plays her cards right.

  • Scale: 28mm
  • Made from: Resin
  • Supplied with: A Base
  • Created by: RN EStudio

Essential Information

  • Miniature Scale:
  • Supplied with:
  • Created by:
  • Visit them on: Patreon

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nice proxy Necromunda Scummer

Very clean print - will buy more

Kolotov by RN EStudio

One of those minis that grows on you more and more as you paint it, this has a whole host of nice little details to be discovered as you prep and paint it. This means that by the time the mini is finished, you've most likely come up with a back-story for him and are planning where he'll fit in with your tabletop games! This one would work very well in a game like Zona Alfa, where Eastern Block is the way to go.

Junk Girl by RN EStudio

Nicely detailed and very characterful mini with a feel that puts me in mind of the Borderlands videogames. As usual, full of quirk and with no visible lines - a very fun miniature to paint and one that could fit right in with any number of games and settings.

Crow face

Another good well printed model with great detail, will be able to pick out each feather individually which if you like to add colour is a good option. Overall really satisfactory

Octogrunge by RN EStudio

I knew that I had to get my hands on this guy the moment that I saw him - a load of tentacles sticking out of a hoodie and an impressive gun, impossible to resist! Like all the other sculpts from this range, the details and the printing are some of the best I've seen in printed miniatures. And there's a lot of little things to be found on this guy that the image on the website just doesn't show - like the fact he has a "Dead End" sign strapped to his back! This guy could be a mutant, a cultist or even an alien trying to keep his extraterrestrial nature under wraps, but whatever you choose to use him for, he's a lot of fun to paint.

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