Who are We Print Miniatures?

We are a small team from Harrogate, North Yorkshire from the country of the United Kingdom.

We love finding the very best miniatures from the best designers to bring to your painting and hobby tables.

Should I wash your miniatures before priming?

NO! All our miniatures are dispatched washed and cured to offer you a clean and perfect base to prime and paint from. No waiting, just miniatures ready to use.

What are your shipping charges?

Standard Shipping  

  • £1.95 2 Days after dispatch
  • £3.95 1 Day after dispatch
  • £5.95 Tracked Signed
  • Free on orders over £20  
  • Large or fragile shipping  £3.95 

How do your Subscription Boxes work?

We keep it simple, all our subscriptions can be canceled at anytime and there is no minimum term. You can access your subscription through your WePrintMiniatures.com Account. Where you can also update your address and contact details. Each month on the same date you signed up we will charge your subscription to your chosen platform either Stripe or Paypal.   

You can update, change or cancel your subscription at anytime up-to the day it would bill. Remember as with everything you buy from WePrintMiniatures.com your subscription is protected by our Love Us Guarantee. 

Where is my order?

We print all our orders on demand which means at busy times their can take us up-to 5 day to print and ship your order. Then depending on the shipping speed you chose at checkout combined with where you live in the world can add extra time.

To give you a better idea if you live in the UK your order should arrive no more than 5 days after dispatch. For the rest of the world is usually takes 7 - 10 days after dispatch. Please note Christmas can add a number of extra days onto all processing and shipping times .

My order arrived damaged, now what?

Oh no! That's terrible news! Don't worry get in-touch with us and quote your order number and a replacement miniature will be dispatched ASAP.

We try and remedy broken miniatures as a priority but during busy times it can take us a few days extra to get a replacement sent to you.

I'm not happy can I have a refund?

We hang our heads in shame and are very sorry we couldn't make you happy this time. Of course you can have a full refund and we wont quibble about it either. Please contact our support team and quote your order number and which parts you would like refunded.

Why is a part of my miniature shiny?

This is a rare event called 'Frozen Resin' it occurs when a small amount of liquid resin usually in a hard to reach place is cured instead of coming away in our cleaning systems. 99.9% of the time we catch them and they are washed again. 

At no point is the 'Frozen Resin' live it has been cured and is safe to touch and once primed is unlikely to cause any loss of detail. If you are concerned for any reason or would like a replacement please do contact us.