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Once a peaceful city and a thriving port, Thamarya is in decay. Commerce has decreased, and crime has become rampant, forcing many businesses to close or become storages. Once amongst the most popular ruling houses, the beloved Royal Family, has vanished from public sight.  

Some whisper madness, others a curse, but only the powerful know what is going on. Syndicates, cults, and other noble houses scheme in the shadows while crime rises and the city becomes a shadow of its former self. 

Qimmi Stedfast, a rich potion seller, asks you to help him discover who are the criminal groups that are operating in Thamarya and what happened to his missing niece.

Many centuries ago, Queen Tuchmann, the seventh ruler of Thamarya, built the Great Fleet and saved thousands from a great flood. The time of her feast is upon the land, and all manner of celebrations will take place.

Welcome to Twilight at Thamarya, a 5e compatible RPG adventure in the city of Thamarya by Cast n Play. 

The legendary city port is besieged by crime syndicates. Ever since the royal family retreated to their castle, the city has been overrun by crime and other parties which seek control of one of the richest cities of the continent.

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Across The Realms

Northeast of Thamarya lies the desert of Durren, an inhospitable place full of dangers and death. However, the Verdant Company has discovered a vast

deposit of Ethyx, the valuable green metal with magical properties, and has decided to extract every last pebble. 

Mining the Ethyx has proved far more dangerous than the criminal syndicate thought; the tunnels collapsing with ease and the ground proving very sensitive and strange, which is why they are forcing the small people of Eluan to work the mines. The players crossed a portal chasing after a Singwa Guild member with connections to the Verdant Company. 

However, when they cross, they find no trace of the guild member and discover that they are far from Thamarya and are now prisoners.

Located at the south of the desert of Durren, just before reaching Thamaryan territory, lies a tiny magical forest where Aussir —an ancient and powerful wizard— lives in his tower. Unlike other towers, Aussir’s tower descends underground with his study being the deepest level. The reason behind this is to keep his work secret and hidden away from prying eyes, for a tall tower would call too much attention. 

The wizard is a descendant of one of the great heroes that created Alberich’s Barrier, a magical field that keeps the Midnight City shut away from the rest of the continent. Aussir noticed that the barrier was weakening for unknown reasons, so he took it upon himself to solve the issue. 

The wizard got his hands on some Ethyx, which he had heard had some magical properties and began to experiment. 

The Verdant Company has finally made its move against the party. Shortly after their arrival, Thamarya’s authorities arrested the PCs and locked them in the dungeon to await trial. Although the city is renowned for its tolerance, the dungeons are said to be a cruel and disgusting place; some guards torture the prisoners before their trials, and forced confessions are an everyday occurrence. 

The criminal syndicate framed the players and are awaiting the opportunity to be rid of them. Knowing that the authorities would take the party to the dungeon to await trial, the Verdant Company decided to send assassins while they were imprisoned with no means of escape. 

Unknown to the players; however, some factions in Thamarya wish to topple the criminal syndicate.

After being rescued from the dungeons of Thamarya by the Juerii guild, the party is taken to the Nsachair, the adventurers’ guild, and allies of the jeweler’s clan, to lay low while things calm down... 

However, what should be a simple affair turns sour and complicated as the Nsachair inform the Juerii that they have been betrayed by some of their own, and an important object that would have given the jeweler’s guild an advantage over the Verdant Company was taken. 

The PCs are asked to retrieve the object before it is lost, and destroy the traitors hiding in Danen Forest, a place to the southeast of Thamarya, and considered by many to be one of the deadliest places in the continent.

Thamarya is split by the affluent waters of the river Vyr. The city’s right bank hosts the citadel and the legendary Main Plaza, while the left bank is home to the Great Port, the pride of Thamarya, and the source behind its power. The left bank of the Vyr has numerous distributary streams and rivers that create voluminous wetlands and swamps beyond the city. 

Close to the city but hidden away by this challenging terrain, and believed to be haunted lies Creekhaven Fortress; a place that serves as an important hideout for the Verdant Company. 

Close enough to Thamarya so that the syndicate can move important merchandise into the city, but still far enough to operate unobserved, the lair is a rebuilt fortress where the most valuable merchandise is kept. 

Few events are as momentous as Thamarya’s Assembly elections, the moment when noble houses, guilds, and commoners vote for their candidates and hope to push their agendas. 

The weeks prior to this occasion are hectic, full of dirty politics and intrigues to discredit opponents, bribes to get favors, and sometimes, the negotiation of a compromise between opposing factions. 

The elf commoner, leader of the fishermen, and President of the Assembly, Heledir, is set to retire after serving for more than fifteen years. This decision has activated the political machinations of numerous factions in the prosperous city, including the noble houses and the guilds.

Explosions around the château, the assassination of Harbormaster Njord, a surprise attack by the Verdant Company, the appearance of their sinister leader Hukumu Panthus, and now an attempt on the King’s life. The gala has turned into a chaotic event that will become a turning point in Thamarya’s history.

Maybe if he had known the identity of their leader, he would not have taken such a foolish decision. However, there are still many unknowns, the most important of which being how King Archibald is tied to all these events. 

It is a fact that he named Njord the Harbormaster, but the vital question of why is still unanswered. Was it blackmail?