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I've never seen a figure based on a character from the comic canon, so I was surprised and pleased with the opportunity to obtain one. Clear and crisp casting, no mold lines or imperfections...clearly a masterpiece of printing.

Great looking sculpts. Cannot wait to paint them.

Great sculpt. It’d be great if you did the pantheon of System Lords from that tv series. Apophis, Anubis, Hathor, Heru’ur, Osiris, Solkar and the others.

Excellent sculpts. The fingers are very fragile though as when I received the miniature the right hand index finger was broken off and (as I didn’t have any tweezers) I lost the finger trying to reattach it.

Snakerius Miniature
Paul Mitchell

Great miniature. Some lovely detail on it. A pleasure to paint!

Came in great condition, minimum cleaning, great detail and good random mix of stuff. Will buy again soon!

Good Job.

I got all four poses that were avalible at the time. this is my third order with you guys. First time i have gotten the order and none of the minis where broke. Usually the swords or something small don't do well.

Bilbo Miniature
Devon Start
lil bilbo

I only wish they had more of this series as there are a lot. I would buy them all.
the prints are perfect

Don't sleep on this !

This is the perfect item for the kitbasher.
Definitely worth the money if you love to cut and glue unique models .

Looks perfect, smooth finish, no contour.

Finely produced model, good sculpt.

Good model, fine details

Niche model from childhood game, would like to see others from darkstalkers

Amazing, AGAIN!

Love your miniatures. Got the HellDivers and they look fantastic. This is my second order and they come promptly. Only gripe is that not all the extra resin pieces have been removed but that's easy to do yourself

Again wonderful miniatures with plenty of detail, some minor spures that needed trimming and sanding but not an over all detraction from the items.

Thorin Miniature
Devon Start
These are great

Detail is great. Only issue is a tiny part of his beard snapped off in transit but greenstuff will fix it!
I have to figure out how i want to paint them now

Sutch a fun mini. So much I had to get 2.

Awesome. We'll made model deserves a good review.

Great for Necromunda

Goes well with any Necromunda themed Guard force or 40k rpg campaign. Obviously.... also works great with Necromunda.


Great. Mini in a larger scale.
Arrived well packaged.
Looking forward to painting him.

Awesome mini

Cant wait to get it painted required very little cleanup to prep. Looks absolutely awesome.


Awesome prints

An excellent model.

An excellent model. The other players are certainly kept on their toes when they see my character briefly transform into this werewolf... :-)

It came not broken!