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The Professional Corporate Hitman- RN Estudio - We Print Miniatures
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About This Miniature....

If you want to rub someone out then The Professional Corporate Hitman by RN Estudio from We Print Miniatures is at your service. Completely ruthless and able to vanish into the underworld as fast as your enemies can strap on a flak jacket, The Professional Corporate Hitman has an armoury of discreet weapons, as well as a radio up his sleeve, obviously!

This miniature is provided in 32mm scale and as originally designed by RN Estudio, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home. 

Designer: RN Estudio

Our miniatures are not toys and are supplied unpainted they are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.