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  • 90 Day Cookies and upto 10% of every sale!

1000+ Miniatures with over 100 new releases every month!

25,000+ Miniatures shipped!

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No Hassle Guarantee

Branded Affiliation

Every Ambassador is issued with a unique branded address to track your referrals and a Branded Discount Code of 10% for your fans!

Your referrals are good for 90 days, ensuring you get paid if your audience purchases any time within 90 days of using your branded link.

All Ambassadors receive 5% of every sale but this rises to up to 10% with consistent performance and audience growth.

  • Ambassadors receive a 10% Branded Discount Code your audience can use to save when they shop with you.

  • All our Ambassadors receive Gift Codes to claim free miniatures, perfect to show your fans, not just tell them how great our miniatures are.

  • Your Branded Discount Code is a great way to help your fans make the purchasing decision. It’s worth adding your referral link into your About, Bio, Linktree and pinned post on your social media channels, website or blog as appropriate.

What our customers say

They say it so much better than we ever could

"Great model, excellent price, and arrived well packaged and very good condition, many thanks!"

Daniel Blunt

“I purchased three miniatures, one had a blemish. I got an instant replacement no questions asked. Very Happy thanks!”

Kate Field

“Amazing miniature and my first resin purchase! I would buy again, 10/10 for packaging and item!”

Amy Swift

  • Our Money-Back Guarantee is the best in the industry. Put simply, if our customers are unhappy, we will replace the miniature for free or provide a full refund. No Quibbles

  • Out of tens of thousands of miniatures shipped we have only had a handful of refund requests, it really is 5-star quality and service all the way with

  • If you encounter an unhappy customer, ask them to get in touch with us and we will make them happy again, no-quibbles.

  • Every month we add hundreds of new miniatures while retiring any that don’t meet our high bar for quality.


You can request payouts on a monthly basis via Paypal with only a £50 minimum payout threshhold.

  • Payouts via Paypal

  • £50 Minimum Payout threshhold

  • 90 Day Cookies and upto 10% of every sale!

*Please note you are responsible for any fees charged by your receiving bank or the Paypal service.