Family Friendly Miniatures

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Our Family Friendly Miniatures are now on release and offer all the best value you get from We Print Miniatures.  They come from some of the leading creators of game models, like Papsikels, Cast N Play and Onmioji.

A particular favourite is Barry McGuffin, one of Papsikels top choices, who looks terrific painted up, and is a model you'd be proud to have in your display cabinet. Then there's Bantay the VR Dog Fighter from the same designer who likes nothing better than getting its teeth into one of your rivals. 

On the theme of pet pooches, Mastin is begging for walkies which may not end well when he shreds other doggie owners with that fearsome spiked collar. Bandages anyone?!

Cast N Play's Apprentice Wizard is a top choice for style on the game board. This studio turns out winners every time, a terrific amount of time goes into considering what will be a popular model and they nail it every time.

If it's warriors you're looking for then Phantom (PH4N70M) The Sniper by Onmioji is a battle hardened personality, dressed to the nines in the latest armour and toting a massive weapon. 

Whatever your pocket, whether you just want to spend a few pounds, or go the whole hog with a mega box of goodies, We Print Miniatures Family Friendly selection is up your street.

Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.