Collection: Wasteland Bounty Hunters

No love lost between these Wasteland Bounty Hunters miniatures. They may come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common, they want a payday!

Fantasy characters  from We Print Miniatures with an edgy style they've made their own, choose them to be on the winning side. These are warmongering mercenaries and why wouldn't they stir up trouble to get in on the action, it's what they get paid for! 

Wasteland Bounty Hunters Miniatures

Take Heavy Flamer 1, nobody, but nobody, will cross this one's path. However, he is the ideal barbecue guest, as he's carrying enough fuel in his backpack to power a trip to the moon - and back. As long as charred offerings are your thing this is the ideal party guest.

Often to be found with Plasma Soldier 1 which has gone rogue and grabbed one of the biggest guns in the armoury. Enthusiastic when it comes to weapons, but thick as a plank. A matching base completes the picture.