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There's terrific choice from the STL Miniatures Range at We Print Miniatures and wow, do they look great painted up.

Take the Fantasy Vampire Lord C miniature and clock the power in that furious encounter that leaves a rival suspended in mid air. Massively detailed, a work of art.

But it's not all blood, gore and mayhem. There's the gorgeously attired Royal Court Princess A, the only thing you can say about this lady is WOW! What a terrific addition to the game board.

If music is your thing then Carnival Flautist Bard is a great choice of character, really fun too, and livens the game board with jolly tunes as well as leading everyone a merry dance.

When things do get a little messy you need more than a nurse on your side so Battlefield Surgeon, is ready with the sticking plasters, heavy duty painkillers and can send for a coffin if his skills don't do the trick.

There's nobody greener than Forest Protector, a rather large individual who needs to eat fewer carbs and get more exercise. Pushing the green agenda excuses this character from more challenging roles, he would rather spend his time counting the rings on a tree rather than answering the ringing phone demanding its presence on the battlefield.

These miniatures are provided in 32mm scale, 28mm scale or 35mm scale. So just opt for your preferred scale when checking out. This is STL's artistic work as created by them, giving you the chance to own a real piece of history at a very reasonable cost.