Collection: Scottish Fantasy Football Celtic Themed Team

This fine Scottish themed Fantasy Football team is ready to take to the field and stick one on the opposition if events call for it.  From We Print Miniatures and perfect for star players or an entire team.

Dressed in finery, a kilt and sporran, these characters have some unexpected and unsporting additions. One of the most popular heroes on the field is the Scottish Yeti Fantasy Football player.

Scottish Fantasy Football Miniatures

It's debatable whether Yeti is as popular as he likes to think, it could be that his massive shoulder and arm pads, studded with spiky horns, mean that everyone wants to be his friend. One thing's for sure, when Yeti seizes the captain's armband, nobody is going to stand in his way!

The ladies are not left out and being stylishly dressed is no hindrance for the Scottish Celtic Female Kicker. A boot up the rear from this madam will see you head into eternity. All figures are nicely accompanied by suitable bases.