Collection: Reserve Roosters

Gaming is great fun and never more than when you have the Reserve Roosters team on your side. Bossy to a fault, from We Print Miniatures, the Reserve Roosters like to show who's boss on the field.

Cross these little menaces at your peril. A terrific addition to the game board. Goblins leave mayhem in their wake, and these critters are no exception, Fun but watch out for spills. These are wily little critters and not above putting their acting talents on show.

Reserve Roosters Miniatures

Take Injured Goblin, who is hobbling along with a crutch, leg nicely bandaged, arm in a sling and a pained expression on its face. Has this Rooster really had a nasty tumble or will it cast off its bandages and score for the team to great acclaim from the other players and the disgust of its rivals?

One person nobody wants to disappoint is Goblin Captain, an unsporting individual with the sharpest spiked shoulderpads we've ever seen. A nice base completes these models.

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