Collection: Orc Pirate Buccaneers Fantasy Football Team

Ahoy me hearties! Among the best of the best of the We Print Miniatures characters are the Orc Pirate Buccaneers Fantasy Football Team which is on tour with tactics that make an ordinary football team look like a walk in the park.

If you cross these characters, or miss them out on a pass, their goal will probably be to take you off at the knees.

One of our favourites is Remington Yulis Orc Thrower who claims to have never lost a battle, although looking at that stumpy leg it must have been quite a tumble down the stairs. Has a habit of demanding money up front before Captain sets sail, and unsurprisingly, he always gets his way.

Orc Pirate Football Team

Every team needs a good set of cheerleaders and the Pirate Buccaneers are led onto the field by the glamorous (in her own eyes) Tina Reks. Whirling pompoms over her head, Tina demands, and usually gets, total loyalty from the other ladies. These are models with matching bases.