Collection: Orc Fantasy Football Team

The Orc Fantasy Football Team from We Print Miniatures is an aggressive set of thugs, out to win at all costs. Make sure they are on your side.

They don't know anything about fair play and are as likely to floor their opponents with a well aimed kick as to win an award for sportsmanship. From the moment the glamorous figure of Tina Reks Orc Cheerleader totters onto the field, your enemies will realise that this is no ordinary soccer game.

Unruly Orc Fantasy Football Team Miniatures

If there's one thing Tina really likes, that is causing a sensation and watching rival players brawl over her obvious charms. Always ready to race onto the field and give the opponents a quick one-two with her pom-poms, Tina always switches to the winning side, there's no such word as loser in her vocabulary.

Also lining up for a match debut is Remington Yulis Orc Thrower from Pirate Buccaneers whose hat adorned with a skull and crossbones advertises its intentions. A base supplied with these figures.