Miniatures compatible with Necromunda

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Miniatures compatible with Necromunda include The Smuggler Future War Miniatures Action Science Fiction Miniatures by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures who can't resist showing off his goodies. He's got everything from a camera to thumb screws concealed in his coat, just don't ask where he got them from, or if he's paid import duty. A genial figure, always on the make, that's our Smuggler! 

A delicate figure in oversize cargo pants, and smart leather boots, Regin Velasquez Space marine Heavy Science Fiction Miniatures by Papsikels is warily looking around for trouble. Underestimate this lady at your peril as Regin Velasquez Space marine has been known to wipe out whole sections of armies with that magnificent weapon. 

Woof! Woof! Bingo Cyber Punk Drone Dog by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures is a bizarre cross between the content of a scrap store and the mind of a megalomaniac creator. Trotting along beside its owner, if it can find one, Bingo Cyber Punk Drone Dog will be a loyal companion on Necromunda whether on walkies on land or in drone mode in the skies. 

Doryen with Machine Gun Future War Miniatures by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures is an all-action character, as at home in the jungle as he is in the desert or outer space. Doryen has skills which will translate into any theatre of war, on land, sea or space. A useful soldier, reliable and loyal, most of the time. 

Jeza Zaragosa Future War Miniatures from Action Science Fiction Miniatures by Papsikels looks like a delicate ballet dancer, but that's where her enemies would be wrong. With a steely core, Jeza Zaragosa puts those delicate limbs to good use, sprinting onto the game board to save the day. The muscles give away her real interest in life and it's more likely to be body building than ballet. 

Much more likely to be found in a nightclub than a battlezone, Theodora Female Boss NPC Future War Scifi Miniatures Action Science Fiction Miniatures by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures is dressed for a night on the town. Mobile phone at the ready, she's rung around all her friends and is now ready for action. A glamour puss character, 

These 32mm Scale Science Fiction Miniatures compatible with Necromunda are as originally designed by their originators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, from We Print Miniatures, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home. 

Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.