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Collection: Mars: Code Aurora Compatible Miniatures

Mars: Code Aurora is a futuristic generic skirmish game set on the red planet during the early stages of its colonization by humankind. The game offers a unique opportunity for miniature enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to breathe new life into your existing collection of miniatures or searching for a reason to add new ones, Mars: Code Aurora has you covered. With eight different factions featuring distinct profiles and gameplay, the game allows for a wide range of Sci-Fi miniatures to be used.

The miniatures in Mars: Code Aurora serve multiple purposes. First, they act as your avatars, helping you explore and colonize the Martian landscape. Second, they are integral to the game's skirmish-based combat, adding a tactile layer to your strategic planning. The game encourages players to dust off their old miniatures or find newfound motivation to paint new ones. It's a generic game, meaning it's compatible with any range of Sci-Fi miniatures, offering a versatile platform for various miniature ranges.

The game's rulebook is available through the North Star Military Figures website, making it easily accessible for those looking to dive into this Martian adventure. For fans of miniatures, Mars: Code Aurora offers a unique setting and a plethora of figures to paint and customize, making it a standout choice for any collection.