Kualaa Koala Bear

Collection: Kualaa Koala Bear

These gorgeous little friends from Cast n Play are just begging for a new home. We love Koala Bear here at We Print Miniatures. 

First up is Kualaa Merchant B Pet Companion Miniature which comes with a wooden box full of all sorts of goodies so you won't be short of snacks.

For a really sweet little pal opt for Kualaa Bare A Pet Companion Miniature. This pet is begging to be adopted and hopes you've got all the right paperwork. Could grow quite big, just look at the size of those paws.

Looking for trouble is Kualaa Alchemist A Pet Companion Miniature clutching a flagon of something and very reluctant to let it go. So what's in it? You decide. Is it full of something nice to drink or does the flask contain a deadly poison. Yummy or crummy? That's the big question.