Collection: JRPG Japanese Miniatures

Fabulously detailed miniatures inspired by JRPG culture from across the world, these Japanese-inspired fantasy models from We Print Miniatures invoke the best of Anime and make for an exciting game board.

Get one over on your rivals as role play hits new heights! Take Claude, who is wielding a massive sword around his head, his enemies are praying that he swipes his own head off with it. A cavalier character, he's out to do some serious damage.

Cult JRPG Japanese Miniatures

Then there's Kaktulon, a bizarre fantasy miniature by RN Estudio who looks like a cucumber that has fallen into a cacti patch. When speed is a necessity Kaktulon with its spiky hairdo is an asset on your side of the game board. 

Another odd character, playing it cool where Kaktulon is zippy, is Doldory, a blobby little fellow stumbling along by the light of a flickering lantern, clutching a weapon. Keen to avoid drama and get back to bed, Doldory has seen no need to get dressed. 32mm bases with these models.