Collection: Dungeons and Dragons Models Only

Dungeons and Dragons' top selection of miniature models, from heroes to monsters, they're all here from We Print Miniatures.

Impressive even before they're painted, these sci fi fantasy miniatures really come to life in a spectacular way. Great for the hobbyist who wants something different.

Put the frighteners on your rivals with our collection of Cursed Zombies. There's Cursed Zombie A who seems to be having a bad day, or perhaps he is just a particularly nasty piece of fantasy work who appears like a bat with the moon.

Dungeons and Dragons Models Only

Then there's Wyett Werewolf, part human and part animal, this character got all the worst bits of creation when the bodies were being handed out. But he does have a lot of muscles, and like the other characters from Dungeons and Dragons, he has hidden talents, one of which is to yodel at the moon like a wailing banshee.

Get your earplugs ready if you want this one on the game board.  All neatly supplied with bases.