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if you want to outdo your friends and rivals, We Print Miniatures has a fantastic selection of Board Game Miniatures, truly something for everyone. 

Let's start with RN Estudio's Devil Wheeler Wasteland Bounty Hunter which has a uniform thrown together from a trash can. Literally well armed, it has a helmet adorned with a skull. Astonishing or what, as it jackboots around brandishing pistols. Devil Wheeler is so afraid of losing things that it has to shackle expensive goodies to its belt. 

Then there's one of our favourite Board Game Miniatures, Barry Mcguffin Future War Scifi Miniatures by Papsikels who adores his job and is always hoping to be landed on a paradise island, rather than a war zone. Barry Mcguffin is a great figure on the game board. 

If you want a cuddly bunny pal then look elsewhere because Adeptus Bunicus by Cross Lances is a nasty piece of work, a deadly killer with the latest in protection goodies and armaments. 

For something a bit different there's Complex (C0MPL3X) Cyber Tech Priest with Saw by Onmioji. He has a sharp toothed wheel for winning in the war zone. 

Cast N Play have got the fantastic Dragon Born Child, a little devil in disguise. Bellowing because it can't have the sharpest knives in the drawer, someone has stupidly let it have a real sword. Likely to end up in reform school before the end of the game. A regular user of the naughty step.

A great challenge for the Board Game Miniatures hobby painter is Zeera Fantasy Miniature by R N Estudio. She's a lovely team player and takes a lot of care with her outfit so she always looks good with her expensive cloak and long hair. Those shoes could be a bit of a handicap though, she could get vertigo they're so high! Zeera is showing her prowess with massive shoulderpads and a trusty sword.

These miniatures are provided in 32mm scale and as designed by their originators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.