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You wouldn't believe the sort of trouble that Animal Miniatures can get into. We Print Miniatures has got a wide selection ranging from fun creatures to downright evil fantasy creations nobody would want to meet on a dark night.

Take Bantay The VR Dog Fighter Future War Miniatures by action Science Fiction Miniatures Papsikels is one posh cookie, done up like a dog's dinner in the latest hi-tech goggles and with his "come pat me" face hiding the biggest gnashers on the planet. Enjoys nothing more than chasing the enemy and taking large bites out of their butt. 

Cheeky Akorne The Armoured Squirrel Proxy Fantasy Football is hiding a secret note. So versatile it can tote a bomb while swinging through the branches of the neighbourhood trees.  A set of very smart armour means Akorne is a dapper chappie on the game board.

Hiding his massive claws is Gaton hoping to fill that empty kitty basket by the fire? Designed by our pals at RN Estudio, this fantasy moggy will eat you out of house and home. Order double rations of cat food to keep it happy!

This is our favourite pet, or is it? Pug by Cast N Play from We Print Miniatures will shred you as soon as it looks at you. Probably berst to set it on your enemies and leave it to it. Likely to come last in a dog show.

Yurmith Rabbit Fencer, a Fantasy Animal Miniature by Broken Anvil has ruined all the vegetables your enemies have so carefully grown. Unlikely to be challenged by the gardener though because it has a nasty streak!

Here's one of those evils we mentioned...The Undead Eternals Werewolf 1 is a terrifying model, you can't trust him to do anything, although if you are looking for someone to start and win a fight,, this should be your choice. A top challenge for the hobby painter.

From a children's playbook is an Ugly Duckling Twisted Fairy Tales by Cross Lances. But this is no ordinary sort of duckling that you feed in the park! It's more likely to be taking the part of hunter rather than hunted. 

These Animal Miniatures  are provided in 32mm scale and as originally designed by their originators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, from We Print Miniatures, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.