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  Papsikels have come up with a fantastic model in 32mm Scale Science Fiction Miniatures. What a jolly fellow is Cyber Skelepunk Vergardo from We Print Miniatures. Double trouble in store as he brandishes a raygun with a blunt dagger which has seen plenty of action. Good to see he's still following the latest hairstyle trends, not to mention snazzy pants. He really needs to get a health check on those ribs though, not a good look out on the town.

Some DNA seems to have got mixed up in the creation of this bizarre character GOGOGO Cyberpunk Miniature by Papsikels. Is it a lion or a dog, and it seems to have some medical training as its toting what looks like a medical bag around one of its waists? On the other hand, maybe it's in training to become a priest?

Funlaf Crazy Mind Vandal Future War Miniatures by Papsikels gets a bundle of laughs from chopping down everything in sight with that top of the range chainsaw. Just don't get in the way when vandal Funlaf is swinging it about or you'll be minus a leg or two.

If you think Jimmy Banana Cyberpunk Miniature by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures sounds like a nightclub DJ, think again. This is one of the deadliest characters to come out of the Papsikels armoury in a long while. Sniper or trench warfare, Jimmy Banana enjoys it all. Unsurprisingly, his enemies aren't very keen.

At a bit of a loss to find the action, Breydie Goblin Resistance Cyberpunk Miniature by Papsikels is wandering around looking for trouble. His massive ears are like antennae, homing in on the careless remark. Might head for the nearest bar if things are really quiet.

Like no pooch we've ever seen, Cyber Dog Assassin Cyberpunk Miniature by Papsikels has dropped his owner's stick in favour of a couple of nasty blades. Unlikely to curl up in its basket without eating half a cow, wise not to upset it unless you want to be cut off at the knees.

There's a whole family of ghouls and one of our favourites is Cyber Ghoul B Cyberpunk Miniature by Papsikels . It's not an invitation for the sort of hug you were hoping for, being wrestled face down into the mud is the best you can expect.

A utilitarian fantasy figure, Jake Roberts Space marine Science Fiction Miniatures by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures has his eye on an enemy who is about to be wiped out with his expensive weapon. As bullets fly, Jake Roberts is filming all the action, ready to show everyone his starring role at a later date. Cargo pants and smart boots complete his outfit.

These 32mm Scale Science Fiction Miniatures are as originally designed by their originators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, from We Print Miniatures, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home. 

Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.