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Welcome The Red Dragon

In a realm of towering peaks and whispering winds, there nestled within the cradle of the Dragon's Spine Mountains lay a treasure trove, a dazzling spectacle that would make even the stars envious. This was not just any treasure, but the horde of Vermithrax, the great red dragon.

Vermithrax was not your run-of-the-mill, fire-breathing draconian. Oh no, he was as wise as he was ancient, and as kind as he was powerful. His scales shimmered like smoldering embers, and his eyes glinted with the wisdom of a thousand years. He was known far and wide, not for his strength or his treasure, but for his love of riddles and his unexpected sense of humor. To every brave or foolish soul who sought his gold, Vermithrax posed a riddle, and only those who answered correctly were allowed a single coin from his vast wealth.

One day, a daring adventurer named Elara made her way to Vermithrax's lair. Her heart was bold, and her spirit unyielding. She stepped into the dragon's cavern with a confidence that belied her trembling hands. Vermithrax, with a gaze as piercing as the morning sun, presented his riddle:

"Richer than gold but cannot be bought,
Can never be sold, only earned or sought.
What is it?"

Elara pondered, her mind racing through countless treasures, but then it dawned on her. She replied, "Wisdom."

Vermithrax's thunderous laughter shook the very mountainside. "Correct, brave Elara! Take your gold, for you have earned it."

And so, Elara left with a single gold coin—richer not only in wealth but in the wisdom she had gleaned from the encounter with Vermithrax.

If your imagination is now alight with the image of Vermithrax, the magnificent red dragon, then you're in luck! You don’t need to solve a riddle or journey through treacherous peaks to find this legendary creature.

You can bring a piece of this mythical tale into your world with our finely crafted red dragon miniature. It's a treasure in its own right, perfect for guarding your game board or gracing your collector's shelf. Head over to We Print Miniatures to claim your own Vermithrax, without the need for an adventurer's courage or a trek through the mountains. Happy questing!
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