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Five Parsecs from Home Compatible Miniatures

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new range of Five Parsecs From Home compatible miniatures, now available for order in our store! As passionate tabletop gamers ourselves, we appreciate the transformative role of beautifully crafted miniatures in enhancing gameplay and adding depth to the narratives we create.


Our latest collection covers an expansive array of characters, each meticulously designed with the unique world of Five Parsecs From Home in mind. From intrepid space explorers to enigmatic alien species, we have captured the essence of the game's diverse universe. Primarily in the highly adaptable 28mm scale, these miniatures add an exciting visual dimension to your games, helping to make your tabletop adventures truly immersive.


In a game like Five Parsecs From Home, where each character has a story to tell and a role to play, the right miniature can become a game-changer. Be it a crew member with a mysterious past, a treacherous foe from an alien world, or a friendly contact in a bustling spaceport - each miniature breathes life into these roles, enhancing the storytelling aspect of the game.


We have crafted each of our miniatures with high-quality, durable materials to ensure they endure through countless gaming sessions. They are primed and ready for painting, enabling you to customize them to fit your unique vision of the Five Parsecs universe.


Whether you're an experienced player or just starting your Five Parsecs From Home journey, our new collection of miniatures is here to help enrich your gaming experience. They add depth to your campaigns, satisfying both the strategist and the storyteller in you.


With our new Five Parsecs From Home compatible miniatures now ready for ordering, it's the ideal time to delve into the collection and add a new layer of immersion to your next gaming session. Prepare your crew and embark on your next thrilling Five Parsecs From Home adventure!



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