Enhance Your Tabletop Gaming with Our New WormHole Miniature Designed by Papsikels - We Print Miniatures

Enhance Your Tabletop Gaming with Our New WormHole Miniature Designed by Papsikels

The joy of tabletop gaming often lies in the minute details, the tangible elements that bring the narrative to life. With our newest addition, the WormHole Miniature designed by Papsikels, we've added yet another vibrant piece to your gaming repertoire. This exquisitely detailed accessory promises to breathe a new level of immersive detail into your gameplay.

Designing the Wormhole Generator

Papsikels, a name known and loved in the realm of miniature design, we set out to create a piece that is not only visually appealing but also steeped in the narrative of the game. With its intricate design, the WormHole Miniature pays homage to the rich tapestry of stories woven in your favourite game worlds.


Constructed to the highest standards, the WormHole Miniature comprises numerous detailed elements that enhance its realism, making it an immersive piece in any gaming scenario. Papsikels has meticulously worked on each facet of the miniature, ensuring that it serves as a distinctive, functional, and appealing part of your tabletop setup.

Optional Human Resistance Base Supports

Understanding that each game setup carries a unique theme, we've also introduced optional supports styled after a human resistance base. These pieces add a complementary layer of detail and narrative to the WormHole Miniature, invoking the imagery of an embattled human race, standing strong against insurmountable odds.


Adding these support pieces not only bolsters the physical setup of your game but also enhances its thematic continuity, thus providing a more immersive gaming experience. Despite their complex appearance, these support pieces have been designed to be easily assembled and fit seamlessly into your game environment.

Pricing and Availability

With an attractive price of £25, the WormHole Miniature is a bargain for the amount of detail and realism it brings to your game table. The optional human resistance base supports, priced at £15, are an affordable enhancement that adds an extra layer of narrative depth to your gaming scenarios.


These prices reflect our commitment to offering high-quality gaming accessories that are not only intricately designed but also affordable. Both the WormHole Miniature and the supports are now available for purchase.


Grab a Wormhole Today

Tabletop gaming is all about immersing yourself in a unique world, becoming a part of a narrative that unfolds in your hands. With the new WormHole Miniature by Papsikels and its optional human resistance base supports, your gaming experience will take on a new depth and dimension. So, why wait? Take a leap into the unknown and unlock your next adventure with our newest tabletop masterpiece!


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